Commonwealth Scholars Choir

The Commonwealth Music Council has established a new choir: Commonwealth Scholars Choir.

Nationals of any of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth who are recipients, both currently and now part of the Alumni, of any of the following Scholarships are eligible to apply to join the Commonwealth Scholars Choir:

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

The Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships

The Rhodes Scholarships

The first rehearsals of the Commonwealth Scholars Choir started early in 2018 and the choir has already made its first recording in London which will be released in mid-April 2018.

All travel, accommodation and meals were provided for the Commonwealth Scholarship singers who took part on the rehearsals and recording.

Commonwealth Scholars from across the Commonwealth who took part on the recording all very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet and sing with other Commonwealth Scholarship students and they all made appreciated comments afterwards, for example:

“I did enjoy the rehearsing and recording. It was an inspiring programme for me”
“I enjoyed all the songs we did and I will love to do more”
“I enjoyed singing in the commonwealth scholars choir. The songs are lovely and well composed. I would definitely love to sing again in this choir!”

Students currently holding Scholarships and the Alumni of the Scholarships, in all areas of study, not necessarily music, are welcome to apply to join the Commonwealth Scholars Choir.

We invite Scholars, past and present, with citizenship of a Commonwealth country who are, or have been, beneficiaries of any of these three scholarships, to complete the application form ( and email it to